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Originally Posted by shelbyGT500 View Post
I own a car dealership and i can assure you that the camaro is going to lose alot of sales .Yes some of the enthusiast will hold out for the car but you need to look in the eyes of the general public. When you see something in magazines,movies ,advertising for 2+ years, By the time the car comes out it will have outdated itself.People like the "new look" . Chevrolet is making a huge mistake. It also hurts brand loyalty.

Most people who own the current camaro will dispose of it to buy a challenger or or mustang. Its hard to drive the same car for 7 years. When you plan on selling 100,000 cars a year, the last thing you should do is over advertise the car premature. GM is not going to make their $$ by the 5% who are enthusiast and buy the top dog. They plan on making their $$ on the 6cyl cars ..

Yes I will wait for it only because i own a shelby, have a challenger on allocation and want to own all 3 modern muscle cars.I am a small collector, There is a big difference ..The average joe will not afford all three, they will go with whats out there "right now" or "soon".For this reason, I think the prolonged wait will actually really help gt 500 sales and the challenger keeping the public paying higher and prolonged premiums . Thanks GM , While your at it why dont you come out with a silverado ss like you said you were going to...........20 years later...........I will also say this,If all three came out around the same time, I can assure you that the "premiums" being paid for these cars would immidiatley disappear.I paid a $18,000 premium for my Shelby.Sucks but i wanted it.

First off, the enter key is your friend

It is obvious there will be some 'lost sales' simply because the Mustang is already available and the Challenger will hit showrooms first, that is a no brainer.

Regarding the new look being outdated - I disagree. GM did this one smart IMO. they took the retro design one step further. The new Camaro isn't as retro as the Mustang for a few reasons. One big one is by the time it hits showrooms, the Mustang will be redesigned a bit, it will have more modern versions of the classic Mustang styling, something GM put a lot of thought into and already has with the Camaro.

Hurts Brand loyalty? That statement makes no sense. Most true Chevy/GM brand loyalists stuck with GM, they found alternative vehicles to roll.

The V6 version of the Camaro will be GMs bread and butter, it always has been and always will be.

20 years later for a Silverado SS? WTF are you talking about? Yes, GM should have had a performance truck to market quicker, but they did it and it runs very well IMO.

Premiums for the first year performance version will not go away, there are select few out there that will always want to spend more than MSRP to be one of the first on the block. Nothing wrong with that, it is the way things are

Provided GM holds true to the recent statement that the V6 Camaro will retail for about $21,000, GM has a winner on their hands. Are they late to the game? That is obvoious, but the Camaro has always outperformed the Mustang even thought it has usually cost a little more, the end up on top when the flag drops

The Mustang styling is great, they are selling alot of cars being the only kid in the ball game, but GM is knocking on the door, when Ford answers they'd better be able to keep up the pace
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