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Originally Posted by edgehead2000 View Post
I just traded in my '11 and noticed that the AC does blow, literally. Took it to the dealer and he said to start using the recirculation button. After that, this OKC heat was tolerable.

The new '12 I traded for has the same issue. Use recirculation and it helps. The '11 Buick Lacrosse loaner that they gave me had an awesome AC, though so I'm wondering what Chevy forgot to do that has us griping about it.
You should always use the recirc whenever possible. The car gets better gas mileage and the air is much colder because it's not cooling air from the outside and brining it into the car. It recirculates the cooler air inside the vehicle making the A/C run less and improving mileage and cold air at the same time.
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