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Originally Posted by coreyk View Post
I just did my oil change on my 3.6l.... This will be the second oil change, first was performed by Valvoline. Decided I would do this one on my own. Drained all the oil, replaced the filter, added 6 qt of brand new Dexos approved oil. Checked the dip stick, all looked well. Then I put the old oil back into the 5QT bottle for return to Advanced auto.... It only filled half the bottle.... Which means only 2.5QT came out of my car.... Any ideas?? No way the oil filter holds 2.5QT and even so, I shouldn't have been able to put in 6 qt of oil ... now I am freakin out that valvoline screwed up my last oil change and I ran 5k miles with 2.5Qt of oil....
You never check your oil between oil changes?
Guess not, or you would have noticed before it was down over 3 qts.
You should check your dipstick least a couple times a month.
No way to prove anything after 5k miles have gone by.
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