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Opinions are what keeps this thing going here's a long post

Hey Shelby GT500 don't back off man. I've read all the opinions and seen the facts and here's my .02 cents...

Of course this story has to start with "when I was back in HS" but that's when I first started driving. We all know the stories, lol. Up here on Long Island in the early 90s the modded 5.0 stangs ruled the road.

They were legendary for bang for the buck. But there were a few Chevy enthusiasts with some money that had the modded z-28's that would spank the fords. I only liked the notchback verts on the fox bodies. Other than that I give style points to Chevy in that time frame, from the 80s-early 90s.

I could never afford the car I wanted in HS so I drove a '78 Buick regal with the 5.0 motor. It had some spunk that car and a few backseat adventures haha.

Anyway it was a long time before I got my first pony car and that's when I started selling Fords in 2001. I sold a 2002 Mustang GT 5 spd to myself and then the mustang fever began. I started going to car shows and keeping my stang detailed and clean, it had no performance mods just body stripes on the lower rocker panels and tints.

I sold it a couple months ago with 49k on the clock and 3 accidents. lol...1st accident was 10k in damage, front end collision, both airbags deployed, major body work. It was never the same after that.

Anyway I had my fair share of street races in the stang and I lost every time to the Z28. The car was a pig actually and if I had the money I would have preferred the Camaro SS.

I now drive a 2000 Blazer LT, it's my 2nd GM car, first Chevy, and I'm never looking back. I love the Blazer, and can go on and on about it, but this is a Camaro forum.

I'm looking at 3rd and 4th gen SS Camaros on Ebay right now and I see a few I like...who knows this might tide me over until the 5th gen is here. I'm doing some research and find that a lot of F body cars need the sub frame connector mod right off the bat. Especially if you pull into steep driveways or intend on doing any kind of mods.

The other popular troubleshooting mod is going with the aluminum driveshaft to eliminate vibrations. I've been in a few friend's camaro's where there is some serious vibes during deceleration from high speeds with no braking.

I hope the 5th gen doesn't have these issues. As most of us may know before you can modify a muscle car and make more power you need a solid foundation to build on. How much money will GM spend on styling and power compared to durability and handling?

Hopefully I can just drop a supercharger and exhaust in the 5th gen (when they come out) and have no worries or would I have to spend more money in frame mods so I don't torque the car to shreds...
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