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Well now that I've had a little time for it to sink in....I'm still in shock!! Haha

Appreciate the love from Camaro5 and everyone.

There is a ton of "competition" (I use quotes because we're not really competing for COTW because in all honesty we all have bada$$ 5th gens and all like each other's cars) for COTW and I wouldn't expect to get it over a lot of the other killer cars.

That being said I've really tried to work with a theme on my car and stick with it. Everything I've done to it I wouldn't have it any other way. I know it's nothing new and groundbreaking but I really like how everything flows together on my car. I haven't seen one exactly like it...yet. I think it's a bada$$ car in it's own right.

Right now I'm planning on either short tubes or long tubes (haven't decided yet)....and most likely the resonated x-pipe if I need to calm down the noise a bit. I would like to have lowering springs...again (I bought the Eibach kit but sold it after I about ripped my front splitter off a few times and I knew it wouldn't last after getting lowered). But I probably won't go that route.

Well....thanks everyone for looking!!
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