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MadMaxx's V6 "sleeper"

*Lower car while keeping smooth driving characteristics
*Develop 360bhp

Dyno Complete Baseline 246RWHP

Bumblebee stripes are on!! (pics coming)


Exhaust system review -- changing plan to borla S-type mufflers.

Pedders suspension | or | Custom billstein adjustables w/ eibach springs (possible, working out details)

Extra USB wiring & iPhone dash mount
Edit: Hardware purchased, mocking up different layouts

Foot well lighting and possible 2LT/SS style additional lights on panels
Edit: Sifting through some LED's to see what I can make work under there.

Door speaker swap, sub swap on package tray and small amp -- Need to do inspection of current sound deadening materials used
Edit: This weekend, panels come off

Added: Stock airbox mod test

Pending: Headers from the land down under, if we can figure out shipping method...

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