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Thx TZD.
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Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
Very nice Rick...
you need to post some more pics for sure... pull that thing out into the driveway and show us all the angles... like exhaust for one!

tommy did a great job.. now get his ass up to Traverse so he can brainstorm on my car a bit!
looking forward to crusing with you a bit up north.

we hope to pull some 4 digit dyno pulls in the next few days... see you soon.
Will you be in Boyne at all? bring that thing over to LoveFab... I know Tabitha is dying to see it.
I am going to Cheboygan this weekend for a show so not sure if I will make it to TC. Ill get to Lovefab again for sure.
I could be in TC for the 4th of July so I will let you know.

I am sure tommy can take care of you.
In many cases this isn't even keeping up with the Jones's, this is Jonesing and just plain KEEPING UP!!!
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