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Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
Still having issues, it appears it may be a failed MAF. Unfortunately all the dealerships in a ~80 mile radius do not have them in stock so I am getting one over night shipped here and will be here around 8am tomorrow morning. If this doesn't solve the issue I have no idea what it is and it might need to be trailered back to Tracy's shop.

It seems that the damaged MAF might be the logical problem here. Tracy just built a new over drive pulley that is pushing out about 8psi of boost rather than the normal pulley which was 4.5-5psi of boost.

Everyone say a prayer for me please!
Good luck and hope this is the issue. I had the same issue at one point and cleaning my MAF solved it for me. There is alot of forced air being pushed passed it so it is logical. I'm thinking of replacing mine also. The lil wire looks like it's bending itself with all the force. And mine seems to be splitting at the house that collects the air samples. Gotta love FI lmao. I'm all for "gotta pay to play" lol, and I got murdered today by a BMW 745. Wow those thing go.

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