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Angrybird's Journal 06/15/2012 until ?????

Tomorrow my wife and I are starting out on what will be Bumblebees last ride. We are heading up to Michigan, 580 miles, where we have made a deal with Becky D. Of Rodgers Chevrolet. She has been great to work with and we are looking forward to meeting her.
Monday morning we will be picking up Angrybird, a 2012 Victory Red 1LT convertible. This thread will document our journey through experiences and pictures.
Just to start I have enjoyed having Bumblebee these last 2 1/2 years. Only one trip back to the dealer for warranty work. A couple trips to the beach, 4 trips to the Tail of the Dragon, 2 trips to Atlanta. Every one of the 27,000 permagrin miles have been great.
End of part 1.
Cancer's a bitch! Enjoy life while you can! LIVE, LOVE, DRIVE...
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