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^^ I'm with you on that one. I used to have a BMW that I sold recently and that car saw about 3 different spring configurations and then 2 different coil over setups. The biggest issue was the lack of drop from the springs.

I now have an newer model M3 with H&R loweing springs and the thing drives amazing. My faith in springs was restored. The suspension has so much control it just seems the springs were engineered for the factory shocks.

However, I cannot say the same for my LG SS springs. My camaro rides harsh (not to be confused with stiff) is bouncy and has at times unpredictable handling characteristics even after doing sway bars. I attribute this so the soft/spongy design of the suspesion as a whole (bushings/arms/etc). As you upgrade suspension components, other OEM components will start to fall behind and their weaknessess will become more aparent- you never win unless you keep modding

OP- your car looks almost identical to mine, except I have stripes and not as low of a drop. Did you put spacers on yours? I'm on 25mm spacers all around and love it... not sure I could go any lower.
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