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Well we got up this morning to a bright and sunny day just right for breaking in a new Convertible. We ate breakfast at the hotel waiting for 9AM to get here.. around 9 AM we packed our bags and headed over to Rodgers Chevrolet and met Becky the Sales Manager the Body Shop manager and the lady in the parts department. We inspected the car which looked fantastic. top was tight and no marks at all. Becky showed us how to lower the top and install the toneau cover. We then went inside and completed all the paperwork and signed over our car :( . We then swapped out stuff over to our new Red Camaro which we have decided to Nickname Angry Bird. Took pictures of both cars together and the sales manager took several of our car and us with the new car and with both cars.
We then finished setting up our Onstar and got the directions to Indianapolis In. We left and drove down to where we are staying just outside of Indianapolis. About 250 miles of driving.
Our impressions of the car so far.
I have not one thing negative to say so far. t has run flawlessly, we have raised and lowered the top 3 times so far and all seems well, no rubmarks or wrinkles showing. We love the improvement in the 2012 over the 2010, the larger paddle shifters are easier to operate. the backup sensors and camera are great features. The new door lock buttons on the doors are also a plus. The Steering wheel is a good change, not great but it is an improvement. As I told Becky it proves that the decisionmakers are listening to owners as they post complaints on the various forums and one by one fix them. now they cannot please everyone but the major headache areas they seem to concentrate on.
I cannot seem to get my Ipod connected to the internet here so our pictures I will have to post later.
In Conclusion If you are thinking of buying a new Chevy you cannot find a better Salesperson than Becky Doyle, and no better dealer than Rogers Chevrolet. I highly recommend them to everyone.
End of part 4.
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