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Originally Posted by Sirwestofash View Post
How much power is it putting out and how much was that charger?
Getting the tune finalized and dynoed sometime with the next two weeks, I'll then know exact numbers.

Originally Posted by dmwhiteman View Post
Looking good! A lot of great mods. Really digging the rear seat delete. Have been debating this myself, but unsure of how I want to go about doing it. Keep up the good work!
Yeah I pretty much did it via guess and check lol. I got about 1/4 inch plywood traced out the basic design and cut it out. I then put it in the car to finalize the cuts. There was a fabric store by me, and I was able to match up the carpet to the OEM carpet.

Originally Posted by 2010SLVRBULIT View Post
wheel view is cool, but what's up w/ the bike path?
What bike path?
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