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car lineup

The SS will always be the top of the line production model, not withstanding special runs like the zl1 and any others, that hasn't been that frequent in camaros history. In more recent years (25 or so)the RS has just been a trim level, usually some side skirts and slight handling and performance upgrades (dual exhaust good for 5hp more or so thoug it wasen't noted on the specs) with same engine as the v6. I would love to have the option to apply the RS version(if it's any more attractive) to any higher end package like the first gen. I.E. RS/SS, RS/Z28 would love to see those badges again. Anyhow I'm sure the line up will be something like this give or take 20hp.

V6 coupe/RS 280hp
V8 z28 360
V8 SS 420

As far as Yenko/Copo it would be great to see that history revived but it's highly unlikely. Since Yenko is a dealer who just used the Copo loop whole to order high performance for his cars and trow some paint job on the car. Now for Copo Gm has gone away from having that much diversity in options, everything is in packages usually with 3 to 4 choices. So it's highly unlikely GM decides to add a zl1 or copo package (that really would not be a Copo because of the change in the process) initially I believe they will wait to see the reaction to the initial offerings. Again this is all speculation but if history can be a guide it should not be too far off. BTW Wikipedia has a very informative article on the history and it's relatively compact worth taking a look.
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