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Originally Posted by stieger View Post
Norm, anyway we can get a more specific time of when we're going versus being there from 8:30 - 12?
Have you ever run in an auto cross event? Typically you get several runs. Meaning its 3.5 hours, assuming you start on time. 50 cars in the session. Now that's A LOT! I don't know what kind of track they are setting up... Speed or handling. There is a difference. Most events are set up for handling so the Miata would destroy the 5th gen. Now if they set up a speed track (bad idea with a lot of novice drivers) it could get interesting.

Let's just say they set up an average track that takes 45 seconds to go around. (that's a pretty good track). That's .75 minutes so in 210 minutes, that's 280 runs. Times two cars is 560 runs possible in 3.5 hours. So at 50 cars you could potentially squeeze 10 runs per driver. That's a TON. Most events I've run in are 5-6 but that's when the day is split in 3 sessions, not 2. That's if all runs smooth, which it won't. Never does.

I'd say drives need to be there the full time. You guys will have fun, just don't set up too "fast" of a track. People with way more balls than talent will end up smashing up something.
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