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Originally Posted by markgws6 View Post
Thanks! I'll see if I can get another recording done of the revs and maybe a drive by. But to be honest, I care more about what it sounds like on the inside since that's where I'll be most of the time. :-) The headers make a slight change in sound from the front of the car to me. It's tough to describe but what I can hear are probably the exhaust pulses when revving/driving about 1500-2500RPM or so with the windows down and remote start. lol It also sounds kinda like a leak? but I doubt that because I would probably have a CEL light if that were the case.
Still waiting for those vids! Haha

I'm not too worried about how mine sounds from inside the cabin. I just want it to sound how I like it from the back, but it if it sounds good inside that can't hurt!! Ha!

I can't be sure but I would guess like you and say it's not a leak because there is no CEL.
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