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Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
RoketRdr has some good info.

As far as a improvement not needing a tune to realize would be the RX Super Chiller....eliminate timing being pulled from high IAT temps and pretty affordable.

Send the car down and will do the installation free. Let me know if you need more info.
I definately need to get caught up on your kit

Originally Posted by RoketRdr View Post
You will see the valve and solenoid behind the blower pulley and to the left. You will need to disconnect the two vacuum lines connected into the blower manifold and put caps on the ports. You will also need to pull the vacuum line between the solenoid and control valve then install a cap on the solenoid where you pulled the vacuum line. Keep in mind this won't do you any good until you're making 12psi+ and it's also by-passing the safety barrier while your car is stock.
I wonder what the Heck the tool was I was thinking of then... That sounds pretty easy, actually. I was thinking about going no higher than 15-psi, but that would probably put me pretty well past my goal, given the other mods' I was considering.

Thanks a BUNCH for the information!!!
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