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Originally Posted by RoketRdr View Post
15psi is about the max you're gonna be able to reach anyway depending on the mods you do. All the 650hp+ cars are running 15-16psi boost. Running the stock crank pulley and a 2.55" blower pulley will give you about 13psi. Lingenfelter makes a 2.38" pulley that will get you to 15psi without changing the crank pulley.
Cool. Thank you for the comments. I haven't been able to really track the psi from a lot of these builds. I didn't really think that little 1900 was going to get too much past 750 horse', but there's a non-sponsor I've been watching from time-to-time saying they've got a 19-psi package. That is pretty much an entirely new long block package but I know I'd never need to get near that anyways.

I'm a little worried about such a small upper; won't slip become an issue? I haven't really researched a 10-rib swap or anything, or even know if one is available. I was just thinking to keep slip a minimum, that I'd go a 2.55-upper and the 9.5-inch lower. I think Metco makes a kit, too; I just haven't checked. D3 has some great V' parts, but, they're not a sponsor, so you won't see me saying that company much. It looks like I have more research D
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