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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
Does the sensor just read air pressure only?...if so it won't affect performance on the drag strip if you don't have it installed...use a traditional tire pressure gauge to set air pressure. Let the DR's fly...if you get a code it can be easily be reset once you put the stock tires back on. It should not have any affect on the performance of the car I would imagine.
on the corvettes you can't dissable the traction contol if there is a TPMS error so it affect you perfromance drastically depending on your setup.

it is not a code really it is just an active system that monitors your tire pressure. and easy way to test it is let a little air out down to 24psi. you will see the littel icon on the dash light up. then system will active then see if all the modes are availible.

on my Corvette you are sol. your below 24psi you can't defeat traction control.
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