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Go VOLS!!!!!
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Same breaks as SS. I was thinking(hard) about this car before I bought my ZL1. If they say under 40k, with the dest. fee it will be 40k or a little more. Because of lower back problems(im an old fart) I wanted heated seats(SS2). I would want to go ahead and get the halos so thats the RS as well. So if you take the price diff. between your base SS1 and add the SS2,RS to it youll have the 1LE,SS2,RS. Which will prob. be around 47k-49k. Now before I get attacked, I know some of you "true race car" guys will say you dont want all the extra stuff, thats great, it will probably be around 40-41k. But for what I wanted, I went with the Z. And Im SO GLAD I DID!!!From what has been released about the car it sounds great. But it will prob. be late Sep. early Oct. before you will see one(Hope Im wrong)!!! Whoever gets one first, please post pics ASAP!! Id love to see and here about it!!
Also, is there anybody else that was a young man in the 80s and early 90s that ever thought they would hear somebody complaining that a 426HP car was under powered !!!
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