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Electric Boost Gauge wiring??? What is this?

Ok. I went to install my boost gauge that Darth_Emma sent to me by courtesy.

So I go back to the vacuum hose hook-up and I see this device.

I installed the blower myself. Removed and reinstalled again and I know for a fact that I NEVER put this on here.

Now Vengeance did install my cam and had to remove the Maggie to do it. So I know they put this in and it appears that this is an electronic hook-up? There is no vacuum tube coming out.

Either way it's fine, I can just remove it but where I'm confused is this......

I followed the wires through the firewall, into the bottom door molding and all the way to the lower rear seat molding toward the rear of the car. It does not go back to the battery and I didn't strip the rear molding out to find the end.

Anyone know what the purpose of this is considering it goes to the rear of the car?

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