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I think I posted this on some other thread, they all blend in after a while. But I tried ordering a 2012 2SS/RS Vert, IBM, on 4/7/12 and the dealer took my deposit and order and a month later calls to say they are out of allocation. They should have known that before I stepped in the door. Got my grand deposit back and had to fly to CO to find my car, but persistence pays.

Not to be a buzzkill, but is it any wonder why GM has the problems they have, you have to beg to buy a car off them, meanwhile they are half the size they were just a decade ago and a mere pittance of where they were in 1960 when Dinah Shore was singing their praises? Do you realize just the Chevy Division of GM in 1960 sold more cars than all of Ford/Mercury/Lincolns combined?

I love my Camaro but GM needs to learn how to sell cars the customer wants (Camaros, Vettes) and forget about pipedreams like the Volt.


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