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Originally Posted by 69NMYSS View Post
I know, im pissed about that. They (GM) should offer a PP that bumps up power. Dont need 662hp, but an extra 50-60hp would be really nice. I would pay a few ($3-4) grand for that with warranty intact

I would really like for GM to at least shorten the acceleration gap. I'm pleased that ZL1, with a +200-lb., +80-hp disadvantage can more than keep up at nearly all the tracks that's been reported by the major magazines, but still think it would be nice for GM to bump the power, at least another 40-60. We're probably only talking 2-4 psi, but I understand the limitations in the rest of the powertrain, too. Considering it seems the GT500, for the most part, requires several more grand to stay competitive around a track, I think a PP would be something many owners would jump in to.
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