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Aloha Everyone....

Well I thought I would let everyone know that there has been alot of advances on the DI 4 banger used in Saturn Skys in the last couple years and alot can be learned by crusing over to our forums. My wife has a redline version (turbo DI motor) and its freakin crazy. There is an unfortunate thing with ECU in the kappa platform (too many nannys) But its starting to get worked out. But there is ECU's out there or atleast Im sure the same people selling the 4 banger DI ECU's may have already started working in the V6 ECU's. From my experience so far with our redline these motors are great and love FI. For me anyway if I choose the v6 model a turbo would be a requirement. But jsut as a little side note. People have been pushing 20-22 psi with stock engine with our factory turbos for over a year now without any problems. I cant wait untill someone throws on a turbo on one of these V6's.


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