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Camaro5FestIII - Ideas for GoPro and other videocamera file sharing

I've got a question for any IT guys out there.

How difficult would it be to have an ftp server set up so that any/everyone with a GoPro or other digitial video camera can upload their raw video footage from the Fest and share it with the Camaro5 video editing community?

My thoughts are, I don't think every Camaro5 member should have access, because that would mean the server would have to have some SERIOUS bandwidth allocated. But maybe give out the login and PW for anyone that requests it that either has stuff to upload, or has shown they know their stuff when it comes to video editing.

I can already forsee that the server would have to have at LEAST a terabyte storage capacity, but that doesn't seem like it's too unreasonable now-a-days.

And I think organization could be done pretty easily. Just create a set of folders on the main drive for each day of the Fest (and each day of the caravans both before and after). And nested in each one of those, there could be separate folders for each event that was going on that day.

For example:

And then each member that uploads a file just name the file with their username and a sequential number to indicate their run if they made multiple passes during the particular event:


Or, if you've got multiple cameras on your car, you could label them:


And so on and so forth.

I don't know that the ftp site HAS to be through Camaro5's website; I was just using that as an example. But regardless, how difficult would it be to set something like this up?

I know that last year I tried to coordinate with CamaroSpike to share my raw GoPro video footage that I took during the Fest with him, and it meant FedEx'ing an external hard drive back and forth, which was a real pain in the rear. With an ftp server, this would be a much simpler process, and it would mean multiple people could share their video and potentially have some really wicked YouTube videos created to share amongst the community.


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