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Originally Posted by MagnumForceGB View Post
I was getting aggressive on the launches near the end, so I think I was just spinning my tires because I was holding the RPM's higher. I'll try to keep the RPM's lower. My wife got better times by holding the RPM's higher though, so a difference in live axle vs IRS I guess.

The track wasn't too busy, think because of the temps. We would run a few times, sit in the stands and watch, then repeat. Its fun watching the stronger cars run and we can't wait till we get better then get V8's of our cars.
Whoa!!!! I just realized you were in Oklahoma. And actually very close to me! I live practically on the edge of moore. 104th and western. Been wanting to take mine to thunder valley for the first time but haven't had the time. Would love to meet up with you sometime. My wife is actually in love with my Camaro but will always be a truck person at heart lo
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