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Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Manuals shift when the driver decides. On the auto, if you are at WOT it doesn't shift at 2000K, it shifts at close to redline. Sport mode will firm the shifts up a bit and hold the shifts longer when not at WOT.
Just went out for spin, and confirmed that at WOT, it defenitely shifts around the 4000-5000 rpm range---felt much better, more agressive, and more of what a sports car of this type should feel like

However, why does it seem to be sluggish under calm-moderate acceleration? It's like it's "bored" under conservative normal driving style, but really likes when u lay down the hammer. Of course, this eats up my gas, man. Left at 24.6 mpg avg, and now I'm down to 24.1 after more agressive WOT driving to Home-Depot, LOL.
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