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It is so cool that you folks from Chevrolet are reading these posts! I can give you my opinion on what I would like in the next Z28.

I do not really care what the engine is. (Although 427 is a magic number for me. How about 427 RWHP?)

I want a Z28 or whatever @ 3400 pounds with about 500 crank HP and handling on par with a ZL1.

Simple formula.

Turbos are fine if needed and I know this is blasphemy, but it does not have to be a V8. And yea, give me something like MRC too. I don't mind a comfy ride when I'm not feeing sporty. Recaros too please. This would be a car in a modern variation of the Z28 spirit. A Z28 like this will also better attract the younger crowd who do not like big cars with a gas guzzler tax. To maintain popularity you have to think about the future.

Such a car may exist in the next few years. The next Camaro, Mustang, or Barracuda might be such a car that could challenge the current ZL1 and '13+ GT500 with less weight and more technology. Or maybe all of them will wind up too chubby. Heres to hoping.

But I do not agree that an LS7 in the current Camaro platform would be any faster than the ZL1 and even with the weight loss I do not see how it will out handle it. And an LS7 Camaro would not out compete the GT500 either.

All that being said, I hope you guys get your LS7 Camaro if that is your Camaro dream car. And for Chevy's sake I hope you all buy one if they build it.

GM tells us the 1LE will run with the Boss even with an LS3. After seeing the ZL1 compete with the '13 GT500 I can believe it.

I was thinking of buying a 1LE but my car right now should perform pretty close to a 1LE and with my bolt-ons may even be a bit faster. If I could only drive my car that fast! I need to spend more time at the track.

Now I am thinking I will wait and see what the new generation of pony car muscle brings. One of those will be my next car. I hope its the Chevy.
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