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had a few hours to kill before a bonfire tonight, so i decided to get some exhaust done. Now, before I begin, I have to mention that I have 2 different mufflers. one is a 2.5" in/out, and one is a 3" in/out. The funny thing is, both of them use the same size baffle tube inside (2.5), its just the end caps are a different size. So even if I was using all 3" tubing for the system, the bottleneck would be the mufflers at 2.5". Now, I could do a dual 3" and different mufflers, but trying to run dual 3" under a car that originally ran a single 2.25" and a torque arm suspension would be insanely tough, unless it hung down a bit. I figure for a street driven car making around 700hp, with 2" headers, dual 2.5", no cats, all stainless, heat wrapped should suffice.

Heres some pics:
Converting the 3" Muffler down to 2.5" (sorry for the crappy welds, all my #6 TIG cups are broken i had to use a #4.

As you can see, the 2.5" and 3" inner tube is the same size.

I made a set of tips out of some 304 sheet i had laying around, and some random bends and stuff. I have a small amount laying around (like 400lbs of 1-6"). hehe.

Gotta finish cleaning up and welding the tips, and polishing the inside soon.

heres the whole package tacked up and ready for test fitting, and making the mounts.

And heres the cutout where the tips are gonna come through. not quite sure how im gonna finish it off, maybe some sort of stainless trim with button head hex bolts? who knows. I gotta get a pic of the system mounted and see how it looks.

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