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Originally Posted by R1jamn View Post

So many people with a low post count? LOL
You are not exclusive to the Z/28 threads my friend nor your opinions or desires for the Z/28.
Your post suggests that I am not worthy of being an enthusiast.
I owned a 68' RS with a 327. I had many good times in that car.
Was sorry that I ever let it go. Those memories still run through by blood.
Do not feel threatened Clyde. I am not telling you what should be or shouldn't be. I did state that I do not share YOUR enthusiasm.
But my desire and enthusiasm is no less than yours my friend.
After all, I am just one person with a low post count.
Thanks for the chuckle, but I will post whatever I feel is with in my red blooded soul, low post count and all.
Oh you're quite free to post whatever and whenever you want. I'm just puzzled by the bulk of your post being about general Camaro issues (such as color, dash design, etc.) and a mention of the Z/28, yet you post in the Z/28 threads. That would be like me complaining about NASCAR Truck Series rules in the Cup Series forum.
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