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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
First I'll start by saying the more the merrier, HOWEVER they really need to educate themselves first. There is a lot of well thought out scenarios in this section of the forum if they'd only take the time.
But what if none of those ideas fit what you want? What if you want something more modern and lighter? But still a track animal of course.

I do not think any current NA Chevy engine in a Camaro will out run a ZL1 at the track. And GM says the iLE should run with the Boss. There is not a lot of room there in between.

And it gets a little tricky with weight. The ZL1 has a much heavier differential than the SS. I think, and I could be wrong, that this, after the supercharger, is the second biggest reason for the ZL1 weight gain. So what if Chevy decides the LS7 needs the beefier differential to handle the LS7 over the long haul. Keeping MRC (it sounds like it is worth the weight gain) for the moment, there may only be a 100 pound difference between the ZL1 and an LS7 Z28.

Is a Z28 @ 4,000 pounds a Z28?

Finding out how good the ZL1 is at the track is a Z28 game changer for me. Except for the cost, poor gas milage, and gas guzzler tax, I want one. Apparently the weight is not a problem at all at the track or anywhere else. And looking at what Pedders is saying about the ZL1, you can easily raise the ZL1 bar with some simple suspension mods. And an additional 100 hp is there for the taking.

So, what if say SLP slips an LS7 and the ZL1 front brakes into the 1LE and creates the Z28SLP. Would that fit the bill?

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