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I went through that moment of panic during our build as well. Thinking, wow, I can't believe I just laid out that kind of cash. We have contingency plans, including two spare cars, just in case, and a husband that can fix anything that could go wrong. But it is still scary to think how much you're throwing at the car, both from a money and from a power perspective. And then hoping that it can handle it.

But it is such a rush to feel the power under that hood. To finally see your passenger thrown back against their seat is a really great feeling. No matter what, you will love the way your car drives, even if it has to come in stages. And you will finally feel that sense of respect coming from the V8 people in your life/club. That is another great feeling. I hope you can work out any kinks that might come along. Just keep the end goal in mind, and you'll be fine. Congrats on taking the plunge! It makes your stomach sink like you're on a high dive, but the rush is totally worth it. Good luck!
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