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Originally Posted by ADM PERFORMANCE View Post
From Nick at ARH

Guys we just ran the system you're looking at on the dyno. Not unlike the G8, the power gains were staggering The car picked up an SAE corrected 32 RWHP without a tune and a stock air intake. The tune brought the car to gains of 50RWHP and 45 TQ still with the stock air intake. These Camaro's come with a very anemic factory exhaust system and flat out benefit greatly from our header system.

The system pictured is 100% U.S. made using the finest 304 S/S and comes with our OEM S/S band clamps, Grade 8 harware, one pair of O2 ext. harnesses and Flat Out Racing gaskets. The install is quite simple even for a backyard wrench. Pricing is being set as we determine all our part numbers. There's quite a few options. If anyone has questions please feel free to call me at 631-608-1986. You can email me at



Nick Filippides

Project Manager

American Racing Headers

PH. 631-608-1986

FAX. 631-789-4157

Very good looking system and great HP gains. Were these gains with the 1 7/8" headers? If so, have you dyno tested with the 1 3/4" also and what were the results? Any dyno graphs available for us to see?
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