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Originally Posted by My 5th View Post
Nathan, if you were really OCD you would disassemble the entire engine, debur the block and heads and have the whole thing glass beaded to even out the cast aluminum texture, followed by a clear coat to keep the aluminum looking clean and bright.

I didn't give you any ideas did I? ;^)
Just got the engine back from blasting. My 5th, anymore ideas? Actually it came out killer, so thanks, LOL. Next comes cleaning and machining the block for the 418 forge internals.

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Had the seem for the air box blasted. The plan is to weld the seem from the inside of the panel.

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Than plasma cut to remove the pinch weld that on the outside. Trim a few inches off the edges since I'm using nut-certs. Next will be to belt sand the perimeter to clean up the edges and finally, to smooth out all the wrinkles with a skim coat and paint it in a gun metal. That's the short of it. Doing this because I'm not planning on reinstalling the firewall insulation. But painting it in the satin gun metal finish.

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