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Originally Posted by Ninjak View Post
Well proof is in the pudding as they say. Here is a 2010GT bone stock, running 13.36@105MPH. He had 3:73 install from the factory. Have to say that is a far cry from 14' is the thread.

Dyno numbers are...just that. Numbers. Its a whole different story on the track.
Rock on. So we've gone from discussing the metrics of dyno calculation to somehow getting stuck on mustang numbers (up until this point, it was 05-09 but what ever). I'm glad they're running low/mid 13's out of the box, and that ford actually gives decent gearing ratios (their track package is pretty slick). None of this has any bearing on the actual dyno numbers for the camaro chassis.... but it's all good.

My 99 GTS ran a 11.9 the 2nd day I had it, bone stock down to the original pilot sports and air filters. Good times... miss that car :(
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