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Originally Posted by hapisok View Post
so what was the ultimate deciding factor for in choosing SC over turbo(s)?
For me it was already having my LT's and coupled with the ARK DT-S is about the best exhaust I've heard anywhere-didn't want to screw with that. I think the SC/BOV will only add to the sonic insanity. I love the way the RX SC kit shows as well. IPF's setup looks more euro factory to me which is cool, just not my thing nor what I'm going for.

Originally Posted by SC2150 View Post
That weld may not be pretty (should have been done neater) but it is plenty strong.....not a single bracket has failed and we have had these out since January? On how many cars?....yes, looks ugly but is guaranteed plenty strong enough.

Like I said, my installer has no issues with the strength or durability. Aesthetically, he'd love to see a tidier weld. He would have preferred a solid spacer to the multi washer and that was his only gripe. I asked him last night about a solid one piece bracket and he said " Sure if you want to spend 5-6 hundred bucks on a part no one is ever going to see when this one does the same thing. Put that money into something else."

I'm going to trust his opinion as there isn't a speed shop in the country that wouldn't want this guys talent and expertise in their shop. He spent 20 plus years innovating in the SoCal street scene, fabricated on Pimp my Ride, Monster Garage and West Coast Choppers. Every mod he's ever done on my cars is solid and has stood the test of time. His work is cleaner than factory.

Tracy he'll prolly send you some very useful feedback. Whether you want it or not...LOL.
Conversely he might be picking your brain on a couple of issues with my bros' Kenne Bell SC.

Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
I think I'm afraid to drive it cuz my N/A won't be as fun no more lol.
Ha ha.
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