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If the AC comp is not engaged this is sensed and the diverter valve is opened to allow the OEM (or aftermarket) HE to take over the cooling. That way your not fighhting ambient air temps. The air to air HE depends on the air flow through it to cool, and if it is 100 degrees outside if the chiller did not have the bypass the Super Chiller would be fighting the 100 degree temps where it will be cooling the HE coolant to anywhere from 60*F to in the 20's (below freezing) so it comes with a HE coolant bypass valve and controlls that bypass the HE anytime your running the system and just your circulating pump to the chiller HE to the intercooler, to the resivoir, and back to the pump.

Now if it was 50* outside the HE would assist, but the Super Chiller is so efficient you would already be around freezing or below for coolant temps and IAT's run app 10* higher than the HE coolant temps.
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