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Originally Posted by awfarley View Post
I've sent all my payments to members of this forum through "Gift" or "Payment Owed", but then again I've only bought from reputable people.

Another big reason I think new members (100 posts or less) shouldn't be allowed to buy or sell in the marketplace. It would basically stop all scammers from signing up and ripping people off in there 10th post. Obviously buyers should use discretion when purchasing but that would help.

I don't know how hard it would be to set up for a forum, but there is a way to lock a member out of certain areas within certain parameters (100 posts or more)
Thats up to the seller and buyers themselves. If they don't think its a reputable person or don't want to sell to someone that doesn't have many posts or hasn't been around very long thats on them. The forum clearly states that Camaro5 is not responsible for the transactions, so there is no point in putting such restriction on it as it is up to the sellers to decide who and who not to sell to. Just my opinion though.
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