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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Mike is right. We pushed for name tags for two years. To no avail. They just didn't help.

You guys who have never been to one are going to find out that, much like having to look at a phone pad to remember a number, people will even tell you their screen names but often you have to look at it on a screen to bring it to mind.

FTR, I'm the midget with the really loud car.

Oh, and no Savinis.
Exactly -
Me: What's your C5 username

Them: 2SSRSL99123 with 125,000 posts

Me: Awwwweeee dayuuummmm nice to finally meet you (give em a bro hug)

After they Leave -

Me: Hey Randy... who the hell was that.?

Randy: Beats me, cool guy... I thought you knew...

Me: And we just indoctrinated him into the circle too..


Originally Posted by Redemption View Post
I didn't find my name tag till I got home last year.

But yeah, I had a hard time remembering a forum name until I looked at the avatar or sig. Lol gotta love smart phones... Hold on, lemme look online so I know who the heck you are. Just a second, here, hold my beer.
WHAT???? You were in Phoenix last year...

Did I meet you...
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