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Originally Posted by molloni View Post
I updated post #1 with at least the Burlington rally point. I'll figure out the Framingham rally point and post it soon. Phil - bring your two-way radio again. They came in handy.

I also posted times, but I don't know if we need to get there right at 9am. Dave, any idea how the turn out is shaping up and if we should get there earlier or maybe fashionably late? What time are the Pit Girls showing up for their shaves?
Nick I have no idea...I gave up on that idea of it last time when we expected 100 cars and 30 showed up and when we expected a low turnout 100 cars showed its a toss up. We are promoting the show, Angry Hams wanted it in July so were doing the best we can in the time frame. All i can say is..whoever goes will have a treat. Crypt Studios will also be there.
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