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Originally Posted by Slickcas View Post
Is there time for T&T runs down the drag strip? You got me signed up for drag racing(thanks) but I am not not in any of the racing classes. Do I need to be in the Bracket class or the V8 Naturally Aspirated - Heads Up class so I can make a few runs down the strip?
Yes TnT will be on and off all day so you can just jump in when you have a break from autox. Should be announcements from the tower each time they start. No need to sign up for any of the Drag classes unless you want to compete for $$$

Originally Posted by Supercharged SS View Post
Yesterday I jumped in my buddy's Camaro for a shakedown pass at the end of the day, in shorts, and got yelled at. Thankfully he let me go but normally they won't. Wear shorts to the track and throw the jeans on before you go.
Always keep some jeans in the trunk. Last year I totally forgot, but was able to leave my car in the staging lane and quickly hit the Mens room under the control tower.
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