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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Thanks for the kind words John! I really appreciate it.

I hope I can have my bumper painted in time... Sucks being out of work.
You're welcome, I enjoy helping out when I can.

Your car has been executed very well. Seriously can't say enough. It's super clean.

The Bakersfield meet is October 20-21.

Here is the link.

Last year was pretty big, this year should be just as big if not bigger.
I hear ya bro about the work issue, so much for all the "change" we heard about from our Pres..

Regarding the Bakersfield meet, that weekend couldn't be more perfect! I'm still an Eagles season ticket holder and last year I still made 6 home games. The weekend of the Meet is the Eagles Bye Week, so it's perfect!! I'm there & I'm sure I can rustle up some SoCal boys to make the trip too!

Thanks again for the compliments bro! Now it's time to do the sound system & the door panel/dash strip mod
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