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Hill Start Assist - Improvement or a Step Back

I am not sure the Hill Start Assist "feature" that was added this year is such a good thing. For those who are not familiar with it, when you stop on a hill holding the brake in low gear, it will keep the brakes on after you take your foot off the pedal to keep you from rolling backwards. Sounds like it might be a good idea but the problem is that it holds the brakes on for 2 seconds after the brake pedal is released. So for those of us who are quick and didn't have problems starting on hills will now probably kill the engine most every time because the brakes will still be on. Those with slow reactions that kept rolling backwards might do better.

This must of been an idea from the marketing department because it is more trouble than it is worth. There is a very handy parking brake that can be used to perform this function under the driver's control. Now I find that I have to remember to wait until the car just starts to roll back before I can take off. Why is this an improvement over what we have always had?
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