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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Tell us how you really feel...

The new steering wheel looks like crap with the interior, it does not fit the rest of the styling. Plus it looks like the steering wheel in all the other GM vehicles on the market... Lame. It needs it's own styling.
Is it any surprise that they introduced the updated SS suspension, and ZL1 with this steering wheel?

Answer.. no because the old wheel was shit for anything other than going in straight-line. The new wheel is less bulky and more comfortable to use. Looks are subjective. Yes it doesn't go with the retro-fail interior but after changing the wheel which ironically costs a 3rd of the price to replace over the old one. I will never go back to another poorly ergonomically designed steering wheel.

The old wheel wasn't ugly it was just useless compared to the new one. The new wheel just makes the retro interior look old.
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