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Well, the wait is finally over.....7 long months without my car, I technically only drove it twice in those 7 months for about a day each time. I made the 185 mile trip back up to the central coast to bring her back home yesterday. I must admit it felt really strange, felt like the first day I got it, but with about 200+ more HP to the wheels ....Simply incredible performance, from acceleration to handling, everything improved dramatically. Stripping the stock suspension was a no brainer with the amount of power we added, and the combination of Pedders, Pfadt & BMR is simply perfect. I thought the car handled good when I drove it off the lot the day I bought it, and now I must admit it rivals the handling of super cars costing a helluva lot more. We have it corner weighted and as close to even on all four corners as you can get. The Pedders Alignment kit, let us really dial in the alignment and the car tracks perfectly.

The ALKY Control Meth kit was a great investment, no knock retard at all and the IAT's are dramatically lower. I averaged roughly 130 degrees on the IAT after driving 185 miles, in roughly 80 degree temps, where normally the IAT's would been 180+ degrees. With the addition I'm looking at roughly a 20% increase in rwhp. It get's dyno'd in 2 weeks, so I'm running a conservative tune right now at 7lbs of boost. The RX Ported Throttle Body was also a great addition with instantaneous throttle response! Great job Tracy & RX!!

I had the pleasure of dusting some sort of M series BMW, they wanted to play as I was cruising the 101 at about 85 in 6th gear, and the passenger gave me the "wanna go look & point" I was happy to oblige and dropped down to 3rd and before I knew it all I saw was their halos and my speedo at 141 in 4th gear with plenty to go before redline...The wife didn't appreciate that story when I told her

I got a nice text from my new brother Leo, with a nice pic too. It read "Your official now brother" See you guys at the next meet Saturday! Time to go clean out the car & set up my custom Emblem Pros emblems
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