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Originally Posted by bluecamaroguy View Post
Hey guys so I test drove a black 1LT yesterday at a dealership. First thing I was looking for was the infamous blind spots that I keep reading about. When I first got in they didn't look as bad as I thought they would be. But when I started driving it definitely got really hard to see when I needed to switch lanes (busy 4-5 lane freeway with lots of cars and I did adjust the mirrors correctly). The side mirrors did work pretty well but I kept wanting to look back and make sure there wasn't a car there just to be sure (habit from driving a truck).

I am not sure if this is something you get used to or what. But I have always driven a truck where I just look behind me and I can see everything easily. In the camaro I did feel really boxed in and paranoid because the side windows are also very small and I felt visibility was not that great out the back either. When driving it instantly did remind me of a "tank gunner" view that I had read about.

Whenever I tried to change lanes I automatically looked behind me and I kept seeing the inside of the car and not the road which sucked big time for a truck guy like me

I have read lots on this forum so I know that everyone says you aren't supposed to get a nice view or a nice interior in a muscle car. That is fine for the hardcore guys but what about random people who use this car as a daily driver.

I am also pretty short at 5'6'' but the seat did adjust enough for me to have my head almost at the roof. Anyone who has driven the camaro extensively have any thoughts on this subject?
The blind spots are no different than the blind spots in the older 80's -2002 F-bodies.

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