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Originally Posted by SILVERHAWK View Post
Did some of my own intel.... gave Famous Dave's a call....

They would love to have us patronize the business, but unfortunately they will not allow us to hang out especially with a bunch of cars (over 20 I would say)....and neither will the shopping center across the street... she is going to try and get me the info for the owner of big empty lot in the immediate area where we could congregate and walk into any business in the area. she said they get pretty busy either day so it would be spotted seating 5 here 10 there kind of thing.
we will have to get someone to contact timothy's.....she said we may run into that there as well..
That Famous Dave's is always busy and there would be no way for us all to park together. The Bertucci's next to it in the shopping mall parking lot even when they are busy there are always a lot of spots available. Along the edge of the parking lot where I have circled. The shoppers for the mall do not park there and Bertucci's has plenty of parking and no one parks that far away. If we decide on Dave's this will be our best bet, border cafe has plenty of parking behind the restaurant but the pavement is not in the best shape. If we go to Timothy's or Joe's Crab shack there is plenty of parking at any of those places so it would not be an issue.

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