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Originally Posted by willhe64 View Post
The BC gang stopped at the site of the last spike. That's mercuryman on the left, he organized the BC side and many thanks to him. The two of us along with my roomie Shawn (meSSohappy) were the last men standing last night. The Albertans were lightweights
Somehow that doesn't surprise me for the Mercuryman. I have watched him ask anyone for ummm....any kind of container that would disguise his ummm afternoon beverage. Since that car show I have made sure I carry cups!
That looked like a fantastic run! I was looking through the pics, especially the lower mainland, going I KNOW where they were! We missed you all leaving down south! Maybe next year we might be able to pop in for part of the way, since I go to Lillooet every 3rd week end of July.
Nice pics! I'm waiting for the go pro so I can share that with ummm the "flatlanders"
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