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Originally Posted by ontheaccount View Post
I just spoke with Gail from Timothys on the Riverfront and she was extremely excited about having us as well. She said she would be able to accommodate our group and will offer drink and food specials for us. She was also very helpful with trying to establish group parking. She gave me several options. 1. Just show up and park, there will be plenty of space. 2. Get in touch with Riverfront Development Corp to ask permission (done, message left) 3. Call Chase Center and ask for their lot (done, denied because they have event) 4. Delaware Stadium Corp and use their lot ( done, I finally got a hold of Mr. McDonald he said " there's no game, just park the damn cars" He did request I shoot him an email to make sure. We'll hear from him Monday or Tuesday)

I tried calling Mark at Hooters but I have not heard back from him yet.

Looks like we may need a vote after all.

You do have the magical touch!!
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