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Originally Posted by SM0KE View Post
Are you sure all of this is not an elaborate excuse in case Chris beats you?

I don't think so but... if his car dies at the tree... he better hope he can start it before it goes green...

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
I don't think PQ would use that kind of subterfuge, but I do think I know what the problem is.

It could also be this.

PQ usually adds this home brew to a full tank as a drying agent. Lately he has been with GTA. I think they may have FILLED the wrong tank. There is a 30 gallon custom built tank hidden under the rear seat in the tradition of early stock car entrepreneurs. I think they should syphon the gas out of the moonshine tank and the moonshine out of the gas tank
My Lord... I shudder to think what moonshine would do to me.... But I wouldn't put that past PQ.

he told me the other day he got a 200 shot... I thought he was talking NoS... LOL Now I knew he meant proof....
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