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Minor Problem With My Window Indexing

I had a relatively minor problem with my window indexing this evening and I thought I would share what I learned from this. As my wife and I were leaving a party, I noticed "Open, Then Close Passenger Window" displayed on the DIC. I was aware that if your battery was disconnected...then you had to do this to reprogram the window indexing. However, my battery had not been disconnected. So, when I tried to lower the would not open at all. I pulled over and walked around to the passenger side...opened the door. The window did not index as it is supposed to. As I gently attempted to close the door, the glass blocked it from closing. At this point I decided to consult the owner's manual. On page 1-15, I found this "If the vehicle loses power or the window freezes, this feature (window indexing) may not work. From outside the vehicle, close the door and push the window inward so that the glass goes under the molding". In actuality, you must gently push the door closed until you get resistance on the window, then apply pressure to the very top of the glass until it slides under the molding...then push the door until it latches. When I got back in, the warning was still on the DIC and the window still would not lower. So I drove to my next destination, turned off the engine....and restarted it....still nothing! So then I turn it off again....waited about 3 minutes...started it and the window then worked (but not the express open). I lowered the window all the way and then back up. I checked the window indexing and express open...still nothing. I then lowered the window all the way down....waited a few seconds, then raised it back up. At that point the express open and window indexing began functioning normally again.

I certainly don't want this thread to become a "what kind of crap are they putting out" discussion. Let me be clear...I love this car and it was only a minor inconvenience. Now that I know what to do should it ever happen again, this it will be even less of an inconvenience. I just wanted to pass this information on, in case it ever happens to any of save you a little time.
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